Crystal Journey To Positivity FAQ

1. What's In Each Positivity Pack

  • 3 New Crystals
     Receive 3 beautiful crystal jewelry pieces and benefit from their healing energies wherever you go!
  • A Crystal Guide
    A brief description of the benefits and properties of the crystals you received. 
  • Joy Boosting Activity 
    A simple monthly activity proven to improve your well-being and happiness in combination with your crystals.

2. How much is each month?

It is $27.97 + shipping each month. You can cancel anytime.
  3.  When do I get billed?
Your 1st pack is billed and shipped at the time you become a member. Thereafter you are billed every month on the same date you joined. All monthly subscriptions (month to month, 3 month prepay, 6 month prepay, etc.) automatically renew.

Unfortunately, we cannot do refunds if you cancel after the deadline.

  4.  Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Just email to cancel your membership at any time. Just keep in mind that cancellations made after your billing date will be effective for the following month. 
  5.  How long will my pack take to arrive?
The packs have a delivery time frame of 2-4 weeks on average. If your pack has not arrived within that time frame, or if you would like to get the tracking number please reach out to us at
We are a small business and we prepare all the packs manually so we are not able to send individual tracking to everyone but we can send it to you upon request.

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